Technology and Love: A Double-Edged Sword

Adithya Thatipalli
3 min readMay 25, 2023

Everything on the internet is about Red Flag or Green Flag or Signs about Relationships. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we are relating to many of these contents. But why is it happening, so many of us are really living surrounded by a messy relationship which are shallow in nature and very fragile.

Is this because of less trust among fellow humans?

Is this because of low attention span?

Is this because of growing insecurities?

World after Pandemic in 2020, is totally different that before pandemic. Every human relationship nature and behavior has completely changed, and it also showed how fragile relationships are being happening due to increase in technology consumption.

Computers and phones have changed our lives a lot, but they also change how we have romantic relationships.

In the past, we would write long and nice letters to the people we love, or call them to talk to them. For example, my grandparents used to write letters to each other every week when they were dating. They still have those letters and read them sometimes. Now, we use texts, video calls, and websites to tell them how we feel and keep in touch. We use pictures to show our feelings, instead of words or actions. We show our relationships online, instead of looking at each other. I know this is being like very Old School but the affection towards that time was very strong compared to recent days. For example, my friend posts pictures of her boyfriend every day on Instagram. She says she loves him, but she never looks at him when they are together.

I know that it doesnt mean that they dont love each other but this way of showing is mainly to satisfy for social validation of showing love towards our partner for social validation. Its not for beginning, sustaining of relationships, even tech is a reason for end of relationships.

But computers and phones also change how we end our relationships. We live in a world where we want things to be easy and fast. We break up with texts, or stop talking to each other without saying why.

For example, my cousin broke up with his girlfriend by sending her a text that said “it’s over”. He didn’t even explain why or say sorry. We find new partners quickly, without giving ourselves time to feel better or think. For example, my sister started dating a new guy two days after she broke up with her ex. She didn’t care about how he felt or how she felt. She just wanted to have fun. We fly to meet new people, without trying to make strong bonds. For example, my brother met a girl online and flew to see her in another country. They had a good time, but they never talked again after he came back.

Computers and phones can be good or bad for relationships. On one side, they help us stay close with the people we love who are far away. On the other side, they make us lose the deep and close connection that comes from talking and being together in person. Computers and phones can be helpful or harmful, depending on how we use them.

We need to be careful of how computers and phones affect our relationships. We need to care about how well we talk to each other, not just how much. We need to try to meet in person, and not just online. We need to solve the problems that happen in our relationships, and not just ignore them or run away from them. We need to find a balance between the ease of computers and phones and the richness of human connection. Technology can change how we love and break up, but it cannot replace what makes us human.

Its just a personal take on new age relationships but not favour or against anything

Thanks for reading :)



Adithya Thatipalli

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