OpenAI ChatGPT vs Google BARD? Who will win?

Adithya Thatipalli
2 min readFeb 12, 2023

For so long, Google is maintaining their monopoly position in terms of Browser, Search Engine and Direct competitor to Microsoft in many verticals. From Search Engine to Browser, Office to operating system these two companies try to grab major market share. While Microsoft grab enterprises market share, Google grabs individual market share.

After the emergence of Cloud, Microsoft able to become the 2nd position and upgraded version of Microsoft Edge gave so much boost to the firm interms to beating Chrome as default browser.

Recently we all know the storm created by Generative AI, ChatGPT, product from OpenAI which gives results based on user prompts. This tool have beaten the google search engine with the limited Information it has been trained with.

OfCourse current version of chatGPT has some limitations but the whole GPT and Generative AI with implementation of NLP (Natural language Processing) created a disruptive Hype cycle of new products, tools using this technology. We might have observed that in last 30 days we saw every category of Generative AI tools (Text to Video, Music to Text, Text to Image) etc.

Due to this, a Red Flag has raised in google threatening their monopoly in search engine. This became stronger when the announcement of Microsoft investment in OpenAI firm.

Microsoft planning to implement OpenAI application capabilities into their products and Bing Search engineer to beat Google.

No sooner, Google announced that they are launching their own AI service BARD.

BARD, A tool developed by Google based on Language Model for Dialogue Applications (or LaMDA for short).


Soon after the launch, Experts saying that Google rushed to launch this tool to keep up the competition. There was an error in the product promo launch which costed Google a lot.

We cannot come to a conclusion yet on the Google tool. But we should wait till the product evolve and how long the AI product sustain.



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