Microsoft Metaverse with Mesh — Ignite 2021

Adithya Thatipalli
4 min readNov 6, 2021

Days after the social community platform giant Facebook announced the rebranding of their organization to “Meta” which indicates their plans to enter into the space of Metaverse, A concept where the users can interact, earn and connect in virtual world, Now Microsoft planning to create their market into Corporate Metaverse by introduction updated version on Online Meeting platform Teams in the name of Mesh.

During the Microsoft Ignite 2021, MSFT announced their future steps to provide metaverse features to Corporate Clients. As part of this plan, they have introduced new service models using AI, Machine learning, Seamless and Robust cloud infrastructure which enhance user experience and provides more security and flexibility during the future hybrid work model.

MSFT announced that it will introduce so many additional features to the Teams application and introduce it as “Mesh” in 2022 for users, which give the users more flexibility during the hybrid work model and also enhance the user experience by connecting with both physical and Digital world. With the help of these features, users can able to attend the meetings with their digital representations which we call as avatars and facilitate creative collaboration from all around the world.

Mesh, an updated version to MS Teams with Mixed-reality features where the users can connect, collaborate and share holographic experience with the existing Microsoft Productivity tools. The new platform is the result of years of Microsoft research and development in areas ranging from hand and eye tracking and HoloLens development to creating persistent holograms and artificial intelligence models that can create expressive avatars.

Built on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Microsoft Mesh also benefits from Azure’s enterprise-grade security and privacy features, as well as its vast computational resources, data, AI and mixed reality services. Using Microsoft’s VR device, users can able to create their own virtual avatars and join the meetings from mobile, laptops without turning the actual cameras. Along with that, users can use the productivity apps using the teams app in more realistic way with 3D models.

In future, this can be expanded to creation of 3D mixed realistic office space like the one Accenture built a virtual campus where employees from anywhere could gather for coffees, presentations, parties and other events.

To enhance the metaverse capabilities, MSFT cloud introduce new services .

With the help of IOT capabilities, Azure coming with the concept of “Digital Twins”, where we recreate the physical objects in the cloud. This will transform the current way of managing the retail and physical infrastructure, Logistics and analytics. Another Major update which brings the metaverse more close to the users is to create a virtual spaces.

Dynamics 365 Connected Store is now updated as Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces. This will enhance the capabilities of managing the physical spaces digitally using AI- Powered models and methods. This is build to be more seamless, flexible, customizable and scalable using our existing Infrastructure.

This upgrades are compatible with the existing infrastructure and users can enable the AI capabilities and sensor technology to improve the operational capability.

With the major players like Meta(Facebook) and Microsoft are heavily working on their respective Metaverse projects and we will be going to witness the game changing technologies and experiences in Metaverse world. Current technologies like Crypto, Blockchain, AI, ML, AR and VR can help the users experience the Metaverse in a more closer way.

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