IAAS, PAAS, SAAS… What’s Next ?

  1. Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IAAS)
  2. Platform-As-A-Service(SAAS)
  3. Software-As-A-Service(SAAS)
Cloud Service Models

New-Age Service Models

With the pandemic and sudden paradigm shift of working remotely and organizations working to migrate from on-premises infrastructure to cloud infrastructure based on their requirements also demanded for new service models at affordable plans for all types of businesses. Moreover, this remote method as opened doors for many new business opportunities and emerging technological trends.

  1. Security-As-A-Service(SAAS)


Cloud business is booming and exponentially growing but there are some challenges which we need to take into consideration and plan accordingly.

  • Outages are biggest challenges to the businesses as the sudden disruptions give a huge blow to the company in terms of reputation and financial losses
  • Security breaches are a matter of concerns. Since more companies are adapting to cloud infra and there is a high risk if any data breach occurs as some companies use co-location DC and all the companies might get affected.
  • Preparing a proper plan for incident response, Business continuity and disaster recovery to keep the business running without any outages.



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Adithya Thatipalli

Adithya Thatipalli

Security Engineer by Day, Cloud and Blockchain Learner during Night