How Field AI plans to take AI to next level using Field Foundation Models(FFM)

Adithya Thatipalli
2 min readMay 11, 2024

We know Language models, GPT, Generative AI and every development in AI over the internet. There are constant discussions over AI model improvement, race towards AGI and multimodal AI with more business opportunities.

Amidst, we are almost overlooked or thought that the AI capabilities will take time to come out from internet to real world due the limitations and constrains.

There are lot going in the world of robotics and in parallel in AI and Iot. The combination is a complex or overlapping phenomenon. But a firm is trying to solve a complex problem and trying to open a trillion-dollar market with a large number of business use cases to solve.

Field AI along with other companies like OpenAI, NASA, DARPA combinedly trying to bring the AI to the real world.

What Field Foundation models mean?

FFMs are similar to LLM where the current level of LLM collect data from the internet like arts, writing, music, images, code and every type of data required for a model to get trained on. Once it is trained then it will be finetuned to generate the content and the predictions.

This is what till now what we observed. We always felt that how AI can be deployed in real world apart from generative AI. This is where FFM comes into picture.

FFM aims to collect data from real-world data like terrain data, climate, places, environment, temp, changes, material and other level of micro level data which helps to finetune the behaviour of the robots on which the FFM trained intelligence deployed on.

FFM purpose is to help in deployment of robots in a unmanned deserted locations without no signal, Wi-Fi and GPS like technologies where robot will use the trained data and intelligence from the model to make their moves in the location which is not explored.

Business value of FFM

If Field AI can bring the feasibility in collecting, training and improving the accuracy of FFM, it can open trillion-dollar opportunity.

What makes special is the immense valuable of data which is collected and used as a intelligence in the robot.

There is a lot of exploration exists on this planet which need to be done where there are physical efforts require and human accessibility is very low.

Exploring these places can be so much valuable in many ways. This gives them opportunities to tailor the data to be useful for various business use cases.

Value of data is immeasurable

If the value of data over the internet used in LLM is X then the value of data in FFM can be 10x or even 100X.



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