Could ChatGPT Take Away Your Job?

“ChatGPT will replace writers”.
“DALL E-2 will replace creators”.
“AI will replace your Job.”

These are some of many lines you’ve heard in the recent times. OpenAI, an organization builds in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with a mission to develop products around AI.

OpenAI focuses on researching and developing advanced AI technologies, including deep learning and reinforcement learning.

The organization has made already created sensation by product using GPT-3, i.e., DALL-E and many more which are widely used in industry and academia. OpenAI also provides a variety of platforms, like OpenAI Gym, OpenAI GPT-3 Playground, OpenAI API, OpenAI RoboSumo, etc which are accessible to anyone and can be used to learn, experiment, and build AI-powered applications, making it a great resource for anyone interested in learning about AI.

The recent developments indicated that AI is the new hype and a lot of products are being built using some level of AI technology. However, many products use these terms as marketing gimmicks where they use very less amount of automation to create more market.

But here is the catch….

There are some potential projects being built using AI technology which can lessen the time spent for routine jobs and include more automation in the products. This may affect somepart of the workforce.

Alongside, the AI products which are in market are abundant and have same level of capability due to the fundamental platform. Still the surge in usage of AI products went to a record high.

According to some stats, chatGPT took 5 days to reach 1M users and in nearly 2 months it reached 100M users compared to tiktok which took 9 months to reach same user base.

So, Will AI really kill our jobs???

Well, AI is a technology and a business. A shift will happen when a technology becomes a business and makes money. So, to disrupt the existing sectors, AI products should satisfy below 4 factors.

  1. Cost : AI products are not free. Implemetation of AI products involves certain costs. These products are still in development and there is alot to evolve and provide capable value to vendors. Whether the cost of AI can be viable option to shift from manpower

At the end of the day, AI will be futuristic technology and can play a role in the business and jobs but upskilling yourself and adapting to this technology can help you in getting new positions and roles.



Security Engineer by Day, Cloud and Blockchain Learner during Night

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Adithya Thatipalli

Security Engineer by Day, Cloud and Blockchain Learner during Night