Back to Basics: Virtualization

How it can be done?

Pooling of resources can be an easy task by connecting multiple hardware. But, how to use them effectively for virtualization is the biggest challenge. There comes hypervisor technology.


  • Efficient use of resources
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • High Availability
  • Able to install multiple operating systems
  • Reduce cost expenses
  • Administrative Benefits

The Enterprise Players

When we discuss Enterprise Options for virtualization we are talking about Type 1 Hypervisors running on bare metal. VMware vSphere (and ESXi) and Microsoft’s Hyper-V are the two players who have the most of the market coverage. But, they are not the only Enterprise solutions, but they are probably the most common. Other Enterprise Options include:

  • Oracle VM Server
  • Red Hat Virtualization
  • Citrix Hypervisor
  • IBM PowerVM
  • Xen Server
  • Proxmox VE
  • Nutanix’s AHV
  • Virtuozzo( Open Source)
  • Xen ( Open Source)
  • Proxmox ( Open Source)
  • Scale Computing HC3 ( Open Source)

Type 2 Hypervisors

Type 2 Hypervisors are mostly used in situations where it requires building an isolated test environment or any lab to perform a certain task. These come with free and paid versions based on requirements and Platforms. Below is the list of applications

  • VMware Workstation Pro ($) — Windows, Linux
  • VMware Player (free) — Windows, Linux
  • VMware Fusion Pro (Paid) — Mac
  • VMware Fusion (free) — Mac
  • Parallels Desktop (Standard) ($) — Mac
  • Parallels Desktop (Paid) ($) — Mac
  • Parallels Desktop (Business) ($) — Mac
  • Oracle Virtualbox (free) — Windows, Mac, and Linux

So… What now?

Virtualization became mandatory in Enterprise IT Architecture to maintain servers, applications, and Virtual Desktops for Remote users ( Using VMWare Horizon ). Vendors also upgrading their virtualization technology to deploy more applications, Appliances like NextGen firewall using virtualization technology with High availability and seamless Experience.

What Next?

Cloud … Cloud … Cloud. Enterprises are migrating to the cloud and deploying the application in the cloud in form of IAAS, PAAS, SAAS. Even Org’s are migrating their DC to the cloud.



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Adithya Thatipalli

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